Content Marketing trends in 2016

14. 11. 2016.

It’s no big secret that 2016 is the year of some big content marketing changes. Content marketing is becoming very popular to build close connections with your audience. To stay ahead of your competition, it is necessary to follow the latest trends that will rule 2016.

Content Marketing trends in 2016Content marketing has renewed its popularity as a form of online marketing over the last few years. Today, every content marketer has to analyze situations and adapt to changing technologies faster than ever, and it’s not going to get easier from here. Content marketing will go through some pretty big changes in 2016, and if you want to be successful in it, you’ll have to know what you can expect.

Quality content will demand more videos, images and other visual mediums.

Visual content will become more important, because wireless connections and Internet speeds are increasing unstoppably, giving people more capacity to access videos, pictures and infographics while on the go, so marketers can worry less about slow connections and create beautiful, visual-oriented content.

Interactive content will be very important.

The demand for individually tailored content will grow in 2016. With customized newsfeeds, social media users are already getting accustomed to personalized content. Soon, this will be applied to content marketing as well, as the audience demands content that responds to user prompts.Publishing options on social media

New publishing options on social media

Facebook Instant Articles helps publishers get even more visibility to content as compared to their own publishing platforms

Customers will actually start paying for quality content

The content marketing world is full with low-quality or copied content; so customers are more than ready to exchange their money for high quality content that delivers exactly what they want and what they need. That way, they don’t waste effort and time collating the available free content.

Episodic content has a long-lasting impact

Breaking the content into parts and sharing it over a time-period will keep the audience curious and engaged.